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Chop Shop - Angry Frog Episode

Chop Shops Eco Friendly Curry (Veg) Oil Car the Angry Frog

If you're a fan of Chop Shop, you may have seen the Angry Frog episode.


In this episode Leepu has a vision to create a greener eco car and sets about converting an old diesel Nissan Pajero. Bernie's job is to make the diesel engine run on environmentally friendly used vegetable oil, in particular curry oil collected from local Indian Restaurants. Leepu's job, as ever, is to take scrap metal and make something spectacular.

As you'd expect the results were fantastic - a gorgeous machine equipped to reduce pollution and spread the good word about veg oil motoring.

The car was much celebrated and received all the recognition it deserved (here's an article from the Sun).

How Did Bernie Do It?

The sharp-eyed may have noticed Bernie's consultation with DieselVeg the same company that fitted my conversion kit.

However, Bernie didn't opt for a two-tank system but opted instead to fit a fuel heater and run on a mix of 50/50 diesel/waste veg oil.

Where Bernie Went Wrong - Water Mistake...

The episode also shows Bernie filtering waste vegetable oil to use as fuel. This is fine and is exactly what's necessary. Unfortunately that's all Bernie did - he just poured the whole lot through a filter sock. Sure, this certainly would remove the bulk of the fats and food particles. Unfortunately water, which is ever-present in waste veg oil, would have no problem in passing through a filter sock - it's thinner than oil after all. So the chances are, Bernie old pal, there was water present in your oil mate!

Settling: an easy way to separate the water from the oil is through settling.

Remember, unless you want expensive repair bills, make sure there's no water in your fuel!

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