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Veg Oil Car on YouTube - check out our videos I'm happy to take questions and offer advice on all things Veg Oil related, but before that I do ask two things:

  1. That you subscribe to my YouTube Channel - this is free and whilst not compulsory it does help me spread the good word about veg oil motoring
  2. Please do NOT write and ask me any of the following as I will simply IGNORE you... Check my FAQ's and follow the links. These will provide answers to such questions.
    • Can my vehicle be converted?
    • How much does conversion cost?
    • If I do this and that to my engine, will it work?
    • Where can I buy so and so?

I reiterate, I am NOT a company. I do NOT convert vehicles!!!

If you would like any other free advice, then please do get in touch. If you would like to donate towards the upkeep of this website, that would be very much appreciated but it is not compulsory. So with all that said, please use the following form:

I'm a not a tedious, time-wasting, unwanted, Marketing / SEO moron




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