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My Dissapointed Mechanic

I didn't rush the decision to convert. I needed to make an informed choice about the somewhat greener fuels available to me and I tried my best to do a good bit of research. When the notion of Veg Oil was firmly with me, I decided to seek the advice of someone with more mechnical knowledge.

So, before making my final decision, I asked Andy my localmechanic his opinion on Biodiesel and Vegetable Oil motoring. As an experienced and wise mechanic, he warned me off. "Leave them alone" he cautioned, explaining the sophisticated workings of the modern diesel engine as my eyes glazed over in confusion.

Being a caring chap he even phoned me a few days later with another guys number, someone who had experienced problems with Biodiesel. I called the number, spoke to a well informed chap, and received much the same lecture as I'd had from Andy.

I pondered several more days and eventually decided, against the advise of my mechanic, to go ahead. But not with Biodiesel - no - vegetable oil. Biodiesel has corrosive properties that can rot away certain engine parts and linings. Veg Oil is a much kinder choice and actually has a reputation for cleaning engines rom the inside.

I told Andy my decision and he was unimpressed. I'd actually go so far as to say he was a little offish the next time I met him, but then I'd ignored his advice and doubtless hurt his feelings. Sorry Andy... I'm stubborn like that... It was something I just had to do.