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DIY or professional fitting?

3296 Days
of trouble-free motoring on veg oil since converting on 18th June 2008

Converting a diesel engine to run on vegetable oil by using a conversion kit is something the competent DIYer could attempt, but if you’re NOT very mechanically minded, I personally wouldn’t advise it.

I’m lucky, I live near Wolverhampton where DieselVeg (DieselVeg no longer trade - click here for other fitters) were based and these guys were the accredited expert installers of the German built ATG conversion system I had fitted. However when I was there I met other customers who had traveled considerable distances just to use this firm, many of whom were on their second or third conversion.

Personally I think cars are not only expensive things, but they’re deadly if they go wrong. Consequently I’d always recommend having a conversion system professionally installed.

Where Should You Go?

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If you're a keen DIYer, try these Conversion Kit Providers (click here).




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