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Where To Go

Professional Veg Oil Conversion Services in the UK...

This is a new page (suggested by a regular correspondent). It's my intention to list below any product or service providers that deal in things Veg Oil Motoring related. Whilst right now this page is a little sparse, with your help I fill it with useful information to help everyone. So if you know someone who fits veg oil conversion kits, sells veg oil motoring type accessories, etc, and importantly has provided you with a good service, then please let me know. Similarly if you know such folks who have provided a poor service, still let me know... I intend to provide links to the good, not the bad, so your experiences will help me to help others.

2Toc - based Devon, South England
I have heard good things about 2Toc. I haven't had any work done by this company but I have heard positive reports from people that have. I have exchanged a couple of emails with them on an information related matter and I found them very helpful. So for me these guys tick the boxes. So if you're based in the South of England, or if you're happy to travel, give 2Toc a try.

DieselVeg - based Wolverhampton, West Midlands
Sorry folks, DieselVeg is no more. I know I speak a lot about them throughout this site, but they unfortunately closed shop in July 2013. Please try one of the other listed companies.

Conversion Kit Distributors...

Unlike me, some people are skilled with spanners and are happy to take on the challenge of fitting their own conversion kits, saving the fitting fees associated with Professional Fitting services. If you're such a lucky fellow, a competent DIYer, etc, consider the following:

ATG - Germany
Probably the original conversion kit specialists, ATG are a German company that made the two-tank system that my car runs on. DieselVeg used to fit ATG systems and if anyone else in the UK does, Franz - the top guy at ATG - will know. Franz speaks and writes excellent English so don't be afraid to email him. He's amazingly knowledable.

BioTuningBioTuning - UK
With over ten years experience, 12 months warranty on goods and thousands of vehicles running successfully on their well-engineered parts, BioTuning is a UK based company confident in its service and products.

Help Me Help Others...

I'm not a company and I'm not paid to display the above links. I do so freely to help others find these services. So...

  • If you hear of GOOD companies doing work in this field, let me know and I'll list their details freely on my site for their own good and yours.
  • Similarly if you hear anything BAD about such companies, let me know and I'll react accordingly.
If you are such a company, do get in touch.
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