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Veg Oil Conversion Kit

You've probably heard the term Veg Oil Kit, or perhaps Veg Oil Conversion Kit, but what exactly does this mean?

Put simply a standard diesel engine could potentially run on vegetable oil instead of diesel, but the problem comes with starting the engine in the first place. A hot engine has no problems burning veg oil, but a cold engine clams up.

Vegetable oil is much more viscous (thick, less runny) than diesel. Put some veg oil in the fridge and see just how gloopy it becomes. This viscosity makes starting a cold standard diesel engine on vegetable oil very difficult, so it needs a little help and that's where the kit comes in.

What Is A Veg Oil Conversion Kit?

I'm no mechanic / engineer or, let's be honest, even an expert, but my understanding of a conversion kit is this - it's a means of starting a diesel vehicle on regular diesel (so the engine fires easily) then, as the engine heats up, warming the vegetable oil and introducing it to the fuel. Thus, when the engine is warm enough, it can run on vegetable oil alone.

So, again simply (because I'm a simple guy), a veg oil conversion kit:

  • Starts the engine on diesel
  • Warms the veg oil and introduces it when the engine is warm enough
  • Switches the engine back to diesel at the end of the journey ready for cold starting next time.

The ATG Conversion Kit

My car was fitted with an ATG Conversion system by DieselVeg. I'm no mechanic and, frankly, I wouldn't have a clue where to begin, but I am aware that some people fit their own kits rather than have the conversion carried out professionally. If you're handy with a spanner, this option might be for you - you can buy the kit from a professional fitter and doubtless other outlets on the internet, so shop around.

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