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Environmental Agency / Local Government Waste Oil Collection Certificate

In the UK Local Authorities are charged with ensuring that businesses dispose of their Waste Cooking Oil safely and ethically. They also require proof of this usually in the form of a Waste Transfer Notice. So your supplier is legally bound to offer evidence of safe disposal. Generally speaking a letter between you and the supplier is sufficient to satisfy these requirements. I created my own (unofficial) certificate and have used this successfully more times than I can recall. If you prefer to use my version of a Waste Collection Certificate, or perhaps base your own around mine, you can download mine below. However, I do ask for a minium donation of £5 for this.

Donate HERE To Receive My Certifcate

To receive a copy of my own (unofficial) certificate, please donate using the button ABOVE this text. You will then be redirected to PayPal where you can choose how much you would like to donate (minium £5). After that you will be returned to this website and presented with the certificate.

Why Do I Ask For A Donation?

I get so many requests for help and information and I like to think that I do my best to help each and every one. By donating, you're helping me to continue to do this - so a donation is a way of helping me to help you and others.

But please do remember...

  • Donations are not compulsory
  • There's no refunds! please be sure before you give.
  • Any money received will be used to maintain my websites and enable me to offer free advice, tips and projects shared on this site and on YouTube.