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Throughout this site you'll see the following:

Please help me to help you. Everything on this website is provided free of charge. A small contribution would be much appreciated to help me continue in my efforts to spread the Veg Oil word. Many thanks.


Why Am I asking For Donations?

I recently exchanged a few emails with someone interested in filtering used Vegetable Oil. One of the last emails he sent me said, "Why don't you ask for donations? Your website is packed with stuff and you've been a big help to me."

As you can imagine, I was very touched by these kind words. This website has been online for a number of years now and I've enjoyed receiving hundreds of emails from around the world. To help cover the costs I've littered the site with those annoying Google Ads but I confess these certainly don't really make much difference financially...

So, if you're so inclined, if you're pleased with the website and would like to contribute towards its upkeep, then please feel free to offer a contribution - simply press the donate button. Payment is taken securely through PayPal and ultimately you are in control. Please also remember:

  • Donations are not compulsory - the information provided on the site is given freely without obligation
  • You decide on the donation amount, if any...
  • There's no need for repeat payments (that's a PayPal thingy... ) but if you're so inclined, God bless you!
  • Any money received will be used to maintain this website and enable me to offer free advice on things Veg Oil (or perhaps Land Cruiser-ish) related.

Thanks for taking to time to read this page.

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