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WVO Free Collection Wolverhampton

Free Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO) Collection in Wolverhampton West Midlands

If you or your business has any Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO) cluttering up your premises, I'm happy to collect it from you and take it away - free of charge. I'll also provide you with a free Waste Transfer Notice to satisfy Local Authority, the Fire Brigade and Environmental Agency requirements.

Why I Want Your Waste Vegetable OIl

As you've guessed from a quick glance at this website, I run my car on Vegetable Oil. I don't make Biodiesel as I'm not keen on the dangerous chemicals involved in the DIY-production process. Instead I take your WVO, filter it, then run my car on it. It's an environmentally practical solution to motoring - I take away your Waste Product and run a vehicle on it - and veg oil burns cleaner than diesel, reducing pollution!

Is It Legal

Running a car on vegetable oil is perfectly legal and so is collecting vegetable oil from local vendors. The Government actually supports the recovery of waste cooking oil as it reduces the waste going to landfills and, of course, reduces the use of fossil fuels.

Free Collection And Removal

I'm happy to collect your liquid waste vegetable oil from anywhere within or around the Wolverhampton area, at a time of mutual convenience. Whether it's 10 litres or 1000, I can help. If you need suitable containers to help you store your WVO ready for my collection, I can easily provide these for you.

Want Your WVO Collected? Contact Me

Simply contact me and I'll make prompt and convenient arrangements to collect your waste veg oil.


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