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Filtered WVO For Sale In Wolverhampton

Fully settled
Filtered to 1 micron
Ready to use
Quantity :
15 litre containers
Price :
£15 each
Equivalent to :
£1.00 per litre
Available :
Collection from Wolverhampton
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I sometimes have a little surplus waste vegetable oil (WVO) cluttering up my garage which I'm happy to sell* on to others who are willing to collect from Wolverhampton.

Please note that this is used Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO)*, not virgin (shop-bought) oil, which has been de-watered and filtered to 1 micron. It's the very same veg oil that I run my car on.

How Much For How Much...

I sell my filtered WVO* in 15 litre containers at £15 each, which far less than the price of current store prices. The only drawback is you've got to collect it.

Why Am I Selling It?

Sometimes I get more unfiltered WVO given to me than usual. I never turn it down, but it can result in my having too much filtered oil knocking around the place in containers. Rather than have my wife keep nagging me, it's more desirable to sell this on to someone else. That lucky individual gets beautiful clean WVO at a fantastic price and doesn't have to go through all the hassle of filtering it themselves.



WVO Enquiry Form

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Is WVO dirty? No way! Darker than SVO yes, but just as clear. Here's mine filtered to 1 micron.
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My WVO filtered to 1 micron, available for sale from Wolverhampton.

If you are interested in buying some of my WVO (if it's vailable) please fill out the form below:


Please note: any oil sold is done so strictly for the production of biofuels. This is a recycled product and is not suitable for animal or human consumption, nor for use in the preparation of any foodstuffs.

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